Human Error! / Dance for Violin (2019)

· Solo





世界の崩壊はひょっとすると壮大な’human error’なのではないかという妄想と、その崩壊をメディアとして芽吹く新たな命の喜びの踊りに取り憑かれたのかもしれない。

human error: “unexpected outcomes of human action”The image of this song is a folk song echoing in a shattered world.Absence of dancers, rusting melodies, picked by the birds and being casted away…However, at a point, memories come back to life, reinstalled, overloads and collapses.I was obsessed with fantasizing, that the collapsing world could be the enormous outcome of the ‘human error’, and the joyous dance of a new life springing, mediatizing of the decay. (translated by Kotaro Aaron Loo Miyagi)

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