• Full Worklist(作品一覧)



    Not Found for Orchestra(2018-19)



    TOKYO REQUIEM for Orchestra(2019-2020)



    Wind Orchestra(吹奏楽)


    淡彩ファンタジィ/#春霞#たなびく#Sakura… for Koto Ensemble (2019)

    (Koto1,Bass Koto1,Koto2,Bass Koto2)


    Bass Koto Concerto 'Nurse Log' (2020)

    (1111/1110/1perc/1piano/Bass Koto/11111)




    Diffusibility #拡散希望 for Koto and piano (2017)


    星空☆ぷろむなーど for 17strings Koto duo (2017)


    A Flapping Butterfly for Flute and Piano (2017)


    Obsessive Perversion for Shamisen and 5players(2017-18) -fl, perc, Bass Koto, Shaminsen, piano, vn.-


    EssayⅠ(芙蓉/霧の星座) for Soprano and 2 Koto (2018)


    EssayⅡ「こひすてふ…」feat.最果タヒ for Soprano and 17絃 (2018)


    ex_ for Flute and Piano (2018)

    ex_ for Piano Duo ver. (2019)


    脆性ノスタルジア for Koto Ensemble (2018)


    野川 for Soprano and 2Koto (2019)


    Power Trio for 3 players (2019) (Bass fl,Bass Koto,Double Bass)


    桜フラグメンツ for koto trio (2019)


    泡沫リバース for Sho and Koto (2020)


    春雨クライシス for Shakuhachi, Koto, Bass Koto (2021)


    みぎわ(On the Shore...) for cello and Piano (2021)


    Yuugao... in the garden for Shakuhachi and Koto (2021)


    黄昏アルカディア for Oboe and Sho (2021)


    飛翔/追想 尺八五重奏のための (2021)


    紀の川メモリーズ 箏四重奏のための (2021)


    ライオン・ダイアリー 四重奏のための(2021)



    Frozen Flower for piano (2017)


    Freaky Bach for Flute (2017)


    Frozen Sketch for Piano(2019)


    Blooming Umbrellas for Electric Koto Solo (2019)


    Human error / Dance! for violin(2019)


    Post-Utopia for cello (2020)


    花さそふ 箏独奏のための (Hana Sasou for Koto Solo ) (2021)


    ログ 独奏十七絃のための(Log for Bass Koto Solo) (2021)


    夏空にたゆたう for Vibraphone Solo (2021)